Junior Classes - what can I expect?  

Our classes are all about having fun and learning essential self defence techniques. For the younger children, our aim is not to scare them about the realities of threats they may face in life, but to help them learn through play some vital techniques that may save them one day! Examples include shouting loudly whenever they are grabbed by surprise, running away from danger and learning a few skills to get out of awkward holds. They won’t necessarily know they are in training and will just find it all a lot of fun. But for parents, it gives reassurance that they are subtly being prepared for later life, building confidence as individuals and improving their fitness to handle situations in the future.

How long does each class last?

Designed for 5-10 year old girls and boys, Evolve Self Defence Classes for juniors are 45 minutes of fitness and fun.

Do parents need to stay?

It is not necessary for parents to stay, but are welcome to come and see the class during last 5 minutes to see what your child has been learning in their session.

What should I bring?

Children should wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle for the session. Once you have signed up to the membership, children will be given a t-shirt and gym bag containing shin guards, gloves and a groin guard which should be worn each week for protection.