Teen Classes - what can I expect?  

When children move to secondary school, they become all too aware of new dangers. Playground bullying and violence steps up, they spend increasingly more time walking on their own and sadly parents and teachers can’t always be there to prevent things happening. It is at our Teen classes that we begin to develop more awareness and understanding of potential dangers that youngsters may come across - and give them techniques and confidence to defend themselves.

Don’t worry, we don’t lose the element of fun and fitness! But we do tailor our techniques to show them how to defend themselves in situations, for example if someone is threatening them with a knife, a baseball bat or similar and tips on how to avoid trouble in the first place.

We teach children the ability to defend themselves, know how to react to different situations, be respectful of others and build confidence in themselves; all vital skills that they can take into adulthood.

How long does the class last?

Designed for 11-16 year old girls and boys, Evolve Teen Self Defence Classes are 60 minutes long.

Do parents need to stay?

It is not necessary for parents to stay, but they can get involved if they wish (the children love to demo their moves on an adult!).

What should I bring?

Children should wear loose fitting, comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle for the session. Once you have signed up to the membership, children will be given a t-shirt and gym bag containing shin guards, gloves and groin guard which should be worn each week for protection.